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Worship centers in Snyder County, Pennsylvania

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  • Arbogast Church (christian)
    Wagner Hill Road
  • Bakers Church (christian)
    Fairview Road
  • Bethel Church (christian)
  • Boyer Church (christian)
    Oak Drive
  • Calvary Baptist Church (christian - reformed_baptist)
    South Old Trail
  • Chapman Church (christian)
    Black Woods Road
  • Crossroads Church (christian)
    Winey Road
  • Daniels Church (christian)
    Daniels Road
  • Ebenezer Church (christian)
    Neitz Valley Road
  • Emanuel Church (christian)
  • Emmanuel Lutheran Church (christian)
    Church Street
  • Faith Christian Fellowship (christian)
    Maple Avenue
  • Gods Missionary Church (christian)
    Creek Road
  • Grace Church (christian)
    State Route 4018
  • Grace Covenant Community Church (christian)
    North Shuman Street
  • Grubbs Church (christian)
  • Hall Church (christian)
    Old Trail Road
  • Hassingers Church (christian)
  • Hummel Church (christian)
  • Manbeck Church (christian)
    Stage Road
  • Messiah Church (christian)
  • Paradise Church (christian)
    Paradise Church Road East
  • Port Ann Church (christian)
    Troxelville Road
  • Saint Johns Church (christian)
  • Saint Johns Church (christian)
    South Main Street
  • Saint Johns Ridge Church (christian)
    Stage Road
  • Saint Lukes Church (christian)
    Kissimmee Road
  • Saint Pauls Church (christian)
    Spruce Road
  • Saint Pauls Church (christian)
    Produce Road
  • Saint Peters Church (christian)
    Middle Road
  • Saint Pius X Catholic Church (christian)
  • Saint Thomas Church (christian)
    Saint Thomas Road
  • Salem Church (christian)
    Salem Church Road
  • St. Paul's United Church of Christ (christian - United_Church_of_Christ)
    North Market Street, 400 17870 Selinsgrove
  • Stauffer Church (christian)
    Produce Road
  • Susquehanna Church (christian)
    McNess Road
  • Three Rivers Church (christian)
  • Zion Church (christian)
    Starlight Drive